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What is Glassbox Gallery?


Glassbox Gallery is the most pompus, egotistical art and design showcase online. We don’t like anything other than the best, and even then we may not share it. Think of Glassbox as one of those spoilt kids on ‘My Super Sweet 16’, we want the best, no arguments.

Who is Glassbox Gallery?


The work on Glassbox Gallery is curated by the folks over at Colony Digital, a digital design and marketing agency based in Milton Keynes. Their passion for everything creative is what dictates such high standards here at the gallery.

Some Tips if You’re New Here:


  • This isn’t a site for feedback, the work on here is complete, take your vanity elsewhere, if it’s on here, it doesn’t need improving.
  • If you put your website in the comment section, we will invoice you for advertising space, nobody wants your spam.
  • Whilst i’m on the subject of the comments, remember to remind us how great we are at curating work.
  • Glassbox Gallery is rude, if you don’t like it, we don’t care.
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