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10 top digital artists you should follow on Instagram

By Luc_gibson on 20th June 2018

Here’s our list of the top digital artists on Instagram

We’ve collected some of the top digital artists that are active on social media, specifically instagram to help give you a constant stream of creative, digital art goodness. If that’s what you want, also be sure to follow us on twitter as we post the latest digital art and design on there everyday.

If you’re just looking for some fast names of top digital artists and designers in the creative industry, check out our creator wall here.


Ben Fearnley

Ben is a very skilled 3D digital artist based in New York. His work is incredibly clean, realistic and creative. We have featured Ben Fearnley on the GlassboxGallery website and instagram with only positive feedback. Definitely worth a follow.

 Ben Fearnley digital artist 3D render 1

Ben’s website:
Ben’s instagram:

Max Twain

Max focusses on a more taboo category of digital art, with most of his work being quite provocative. Max is a super skilled illustrator, re-toucher and digital artist that is certainly worth a follow.

Max Twain Digital Art 2  Max Twain Digital Art 1

Max’s website:
Max on instagram:

Philip Lück

Philip is a stunning creative mind, he produces 3D digital art that will boggle your mind. Philip is very active on social media, specifically Instagram and is constantly posting amazing quality digital art and 3D work.

Philip Lück Digital artist 3d render 1  Philip Lück Digital artist 3d render 2

Philip on instagram:

Svetlana Lyutova

Svetlana produces stunning digital art illustrations with her own style. She expresses amazing creativity and no two pieces are the same. Svet is a very skilled digital artist and is therefore definitely worth a follow.

Svetlana Lyutova Digital Artist Illustration 1  Svetlana Lyutova Digital Artist Illustration 2

Svetlana on instagram:

Javi Draws

Javi is an incredibly talented digital artist and illustrator. She’s popular on social media and for good reason. Javi posts her incredibly detailed, colourful and impressive digital illustration work on a regular basis. It’s worth not missing.

Javi Draws digital art illustration 1  Javi Draws digital art illustration 2

Javi’s portfolio: 
Javi Draws on instagram:

Alessia Trunfio

Alessia is a digital illustrator based in Rome. We picked her to be on our list of top digital artists because of her lighting. Alessia’s use of colours and lighting is stunning throughout her work and it’s what won her a spot on this list.

Alessia Trunfio Digital illustrations 2  Alessia Trunfio Top Digital artists illustrations 1

Alessia’s portfolio:
Alessia on instagram:

Eleonore Grace

Eleonore, a top digital artist from Indonesia produces rich, cute and beautiful digital illustrations. She specialises in storybooks and book illustrations and that is reflected in all her work.

Eleonore Grace Digital Artist preview 1  Eleonore Grace Digital Artist preview 2

Alessia on instagram:

Mirko Cuculiza

Mirko, otherwise known as G R A Z A. Is a brilliant 3D digital artist with super creative work and a really cool style. Mirko is incredibly talented with his lighting and textures. A well deserved addition to this list.

Mirko Cuculiza Top Digital Artists Preview 2  Mirko Cuculiza Top Digital Artists Preview 1

Mirko on instagram:

Mart Biemans

Mart’s work is extraordinary, we love his unique style and line work. His studio is based in The Netherlands and he states his work is known for it’s detail and vibrant colours, we agree!

Mart Biemans Top digital artist preview 1  Mart Biemans Top digital artist preview 2

Mart’s website:
Mart on instagram:

Oleg Morozov

Oleg isn’t necessarily a digital artist, he’s actually a self proclaimed motion designer. Regardless, we absolutely love his abstract and creative work. Oleg is active on social channels and is always posting brilliant, whacky and creative motion designs. 100% worth a follow.

Oleg Morozov Top digital artists motion design preview 2  Oleg Morozov Top digital artists motion design preview 1

Mart on instagram:

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