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Worst graphic design trends in 2018

By Luc_gibson on 22nd June 2018

Get ready for some unpopular opinions!

I already know there’s a lot of designers that won’t agree with some of what we’re about to say. But hopefully, the majority will hear us out and join the side of trend stomping!


SVG Website headers

Oh boy are we bored of seeing this. The web design industry already suffers from a total lack of originality amongst most websites. The new trend of colourful, vectored website headers is adding another nail to that coffin!

Bad graphic design trend - SVG website headers

Isometric Cartoons

Now I’ll be honest, I really like the look of isometric cartoons (especially the example below). When executed correctly an isometric design can be awesome. HOWEVER, they’ve earned their way onto this list for the very same reason as SVG headers, they’re EVERYWHERE! Most websites now are adopting this bright, colourful and almost childlike style which looks great, but in no way makes your business stand out online. That is unfortunately why, the isometric cartoon has ended up in the stomping ground!

Worst design trend 2018 - Isometric cartoons example

Colour Channels

This is another one that looks great. But why oh why is it on everything!? From movie posters to business brochures and digital art! We’re great advocates of originality at GlassboxGallery and nothing grinds our gears more than seeing the same work time and time again with little difference. Everything looks like an advert for the Flatliners movie!

Worst design trends - Colour channels

The Lobster Typeface

We know you saw this one coming! Text in the Lobster font has been popping up all over the place, pizza hut, burger bars and cocktail bars are all using it. Don’t misunderstand me though, I can understand why. Lobster is a great font and even better, it’s FREE! But let’s give it a rest, just for now?

Worst design trends - Lobster font

IOS Copy Cats

Apple produces beautiful and easy to use software, they always have. But why is it we see so many copy cats of their design? We understand that it’s nice to have an app that’s inline with the rest of an OS, but what ever happened to maintaining a brand? Out with your colours and in with the overly rounded, white boxes!

Worst design trends 2018 - IOS wannabe example

The Hamburger Menu

There’s a time and a place for every UI element. In apps the hamburger menu is a great way to access main features in a single swipe from the left or right. The Twitter app is a great example of this. But for some reason, hamburger menus have become the one and only way to display a list of items on mobile. To make things worse, the icon is almost always at the top of the page! You see, when browsing the web on most mobile devices, swiping from the left takes you to the previous page, not the hamburger menu. Phone’s are getting bigger and it’s time for this icon either move down, or move on! Oh and P.S, don’t even get me started on Desktop hamburger menus. Pfft.

The worst design trends in 2018.

I know there’s some things on this blog that most would agree with, I also know there’s a lot that you may disagree with. Here’s the thing, as design continues to mature and trends keep coming and going. It’s important that we maintain some of the greatest design breakthroughs and ensure they’re not replaced by something that’s ‘hot in that moment’. We must stay faithful to the beautifully useable sticky menu on mobile and the equally usable vertical list menu on desktop. We must be loyal to the brands that we work with and ensure a great user experience doesn’t come at a sacrifice to the brand guidelines.

I could go on for days about design trends that we need to maintain, but that’s for a whole new blog.

Let us know what you do and don’t agree with in the comments below. We’d love to get some heated debates going!

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